Align with the pug.

The Almighty Pug is known to bring calm and encouragement. Let the little pug lead the way.

add to your pug spirit

Flow with Koji tiger.

A new design of a tiger with distinct lines to find your way in any situation. The Tiger is a survivor.

Carry the Tiger With You

Wish with a Unicorn

This guy will surprise you. If you just believe, it will happen!

Star Panda

Do things with what you know to help you get further with your goals. Discover your path, inner power and radiating belief.

wear your panda

Once you access the flow, the possibilities are endless.


add to your tiger supply

Your Time, your truth. Follow your soul. do what you love doing the most. Always.

i think these are marvelous! Telling my friends about this cool new brand.

Jake from Paris

Love this style! I want a poster

Sandra from Los Angeles

Ok, the quality is really good. I think they're great!

Benjamin from Berlin

Mouse w Expression

On a piece of cardboard to enhance the presence of the simple mouse and the feel of the street. A stencil with many others was painting in a manner of gestures.

I am Koji _Miles Phillips

This design was based on my friend who likes skulls. A good way to accept the inevitable when it comes.

Find your path.

Large Murals

The cutest little dog on the side of the building to reinforce the ability of mere cuteness.

Tiger Koji Brand

5 meters x 5 meters on top of a building the real advantage the tiger has that people can accept into their own lives.


A large old army tarp with the design of the impression of a unique unicorn. This creature can withstand hardship and come out on top.